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Founded in 2008 with headquarter based in Hong Kong, we provide business operations in Southern China and Asia Pacific regions, we put emphasis on long-term commitment to provide premier system design, consulting and development outsourcing services.

CENT stands for Collaborate, ENgage & Transform. This is the cornerstone of what we commit to our customers. With this rationale as the fuel of our energy source, we work tightly with customers to help them improve their business processes smoothly and effectively.

Our consultants and development team are based in Hong Kong, and we only recruit and retain the top talents from the market. This provides our clients on-shore development and support resources with high level recognition and satisfaction.


We are not a factory company with well-defined structure; we position ourselves to be a people company with well-coherent culture. Co-operation is the heart of our business, which is believed to be the only way that benefits all parties involved. Respect is the foundation that brings co-operation. We respect and admire everyone’s uniqueness and competence.

8 Great Benefits How Cent Consulting Can Improve Your SAP Implementation

Cent Consulting Typical Consulting Firm
Service Focus Customer

A pool of ABAP experts forms a stable team to serve every customer all the time.

Cannot allocate sufficient ABAP consultants to meet customer. May need to fit the consultants' schedule.
Work & Deliverables Consistent & High Quality

We have a development standard to every piece of work delivered. All programs are coded in same convension and are well-tested.
No Control

The quality of work delivered depends on each developer. Little or no standards to follow.
Skillset and Knowledge Best-fit to Customer Project

Since we have a group of professional ABAP consultants who are expertise in various SAP modules/systems and ABAP technology, we can provide the right consultants that fits in customers SAP implementation.
General ABAP Skills

ABAP consultants are not a primary concern to these firms, so may not have the right people with the skillsets required by customers.
Availability Available with pre-defined Time-frame

Our service packages guarantee the ABAP resources are available within a defined short period of time, you do not need to queue up any ABAP resource from us.
Depends on Consultants' Schedule

There is no control to consultants' schedule. Customers have to hunt for resources every time.
Warranty Available after End of Service

As we are confident to our deliverables, we provide an Extra long 30-day warranty period after the day of service package to every customer without additional fee.
Not Guaranteed

No or limited warranty is provided for each time.
Consultation Cost Fixed Cost Per Service Package

All the delivery terms are set with customers at a single price. Customers can make better budget planning in advance. No hidden or extra cost is charged afterwards.
Varied Each Time

The cost are varied depends on factors such as urgency, difficulties, priority of each service. Customer cannot measure the total cost in advance.
Service Arrangement Time Short

Since no need to handle the long processing time of signing service documents every time, our ABAP consultants can be available promptly to handle the time-critial issues.

A set of documents need to signed and passed by various parties each time. This lowers the efficiency of getting the ABAP consultancy within reasonable time.
Cost Effectiveness High

You can arrange flexibly when to call up our consultantion on demand, which reduce the risk of paying unnecessary cost to idling consultation and enjoy lowering the total cost.

You need to take the risk of paying high cost for ad hoc consultation, or letting external ABAP consultants idle when there is no development requirement.

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